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LDS Construction is a family-owned business that was started in 2015, following a family that had been in the trade for many years and decided there should be a better approach to construction. It boils down to two core ingredients: Transparency and Consistency.

With Kevin Smith at the helm, LDS Construction has developed a process for construction built around the focus of transparency, honesty, and communication. Building is an industry where things can and do go wrong. Those things need to be addressed honestly, directly, and quickly. The team at LDS takes full ownership of each job, saving you hours of communication with layers of management.

Our subcontractors are an extension of us and we seek to build relationships with our subcontractors, only using the ones that align with our values. We are confident you will be comfortable having a continuing relationship with them. With the combination of great subcontractors and a team of devoted people that truly love their job at LDS Construction, you’ll have a hard time finding somebody you don’t enjoy working with on your project.

We would love the opportunity to learn about your upcoming project, so get in touch with us today. We’re available, accessible, and ready to discuss your needs in a friendly “no strings attached” environment.

Our Team

Our hardworking team. We couldn't do it without any one of them.

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